Fall 2019 


Photos by Andrew Nguyen
Photos by Jeremy Miller


Inspired by rampant counterfeit culture among [British] Chavs and [Russian] Gopniks, and the striving for a wealthy aesthetic while maintaining subversion towards the class system. It’s all about counterfeit luxury, perceived luxury, a luxurious aesthetic; and accomplishing this by any means necessary.

This collection is for the people who add security tags to their clothes to make something look expensive. It’s more subversive than just accomplishing their goal and reaching luxury. They make their own knockoffs. The fact that they are reaching and failing is what they are really trying to accomplish.

- Warped Plaid Suit
    - Spiked-Sleeve Jacket
    - “Floating Plaid” Tank Top
    - Warped Skirt

- Mesh Blouse with open back and security tag buttons
- Blue Bodysuit with constrast seam design
- Seperating Skirt with piping detail
Technical work/Flats
Pages from Sketchbook process/Original machine knit punchcard development